Concrete finishing is making a Concrete attractive and serviceable. The final texture, hardness, and joint pattern on Slabs, floor, sidewalks, patios, and driveways depends on the concrete’s end use.

When it comes to concrete finishing, you can’t simply pour the concrete and let it dry. Although it will be more than ideal, appropriate steps must be taken to achieve solid concrete slab.


Concrete finishing

Concrete finishing


Types of Concrete Finishing

You will get a large number of complete concrete systems that use all the different coating and texturing methods.


  1. Stamped Concrete:

It’s the most frequent. This type of concrete is commonly referred to as textured or imprinted concrete. Generally used for patios, sidewalks, and driveways.


  1. Exposed aggregate:

It can be made for high traction surface, and it is also applied to the popular city’s sidewalks.


  1. Acid Staining:

Acid staining like pigments is limited to dark colors. Used effectively, acid staining can be a sharp, modern way of accenting your polished floor.


  1. Broom Finishes:

Broom finishes can be one of two things: light broom or course. This is the most cost effective exterior finish.  Broom finish concrete provides a durable, non-skid finish.


  1. Polishing Concrete:

A smooth, troweled finish applied either by hand held steel trowels or an electric trowel. Garments, basements, and shops usually finished in such a way.


  1. Smooth Finish:

This interior finishing style commonly used in a garage and basement. A finish, which gives you an easy-to-clean and smooth surface.




  1. Place the concrete, for concrete finishing, as close as possible to its final destination.


  1. Bull floating should be completed before moisture or bleedwater is visible on the surface.


  1. Time is a factor in concrete finishing. Don’t waste any time getting the concrete laid out, rodded off and tamped.


  1. Don’t Fresno the slab right after screeding. Bleedwater and air trapped beneath the surface of your concrete finishing can create blisters that can break or create a weakened concrete finishing plane that causes sheet delamination.


  1. Strikeoff or screed the concrete as close as possible to its final concrete finishing plane.


  1. During concrete finishing, don’t tamp high slump concrete.


  1. Joints should be cut at least ¼ the slab thickness.


  1. Concrete finishing should not be done when the surface is bleedwater. Using a finishing tool while there is water on the surface increase water-cement ratio by working the water back into the concrete instead of letting it evaporate.


  1. Do not drive on a new concrete finishing for at least seven days.




  1. Laser-Guided Vibratory Screed Technology.


  1. Upper Flat & High Tolerance Floors.


  1. Steel Reinforcing.


  1. Place & Finish.


  1. Grind & Polish.


  1. Floor Hardeners.


  1. & much more.


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