concrete floor pour

Concrete is generally use in numerous development construction  like flooring  and other structural work due to its quality, ease, solidness, financially savvy and naturally useful. At any point you consider the concrete floor. You often think how lovely, trendy and warm a solid floor can look.


With the capacity to improve by better outlining an exhibit of colors, completing and with its numerous profits concrete might turned into your new most loved in future construction.


When the concrete is poured and cleaned, it looks impeccably refined in kitchen or lounge room. Concrete floors represents a finer look, and lucrative for the individuals who are searching for a more revised method for living.



Concrete floors are a practical alternative for you, if you run with Maple Concrete Pumping Company expertise in development construction since 5 years in Toronto, Ontario.


Maple’s Engineers make you accessible the business best administrations with financially savvy cost in a consistent manner. We have the best and powerful machines such Putzmeister Tk40, Schwing Sp160 and Reed A40hp, which are perfect for all development ventures.


Equipment’s have an extraordinary capacity to topping off to 300m on a level plane and 100m vertically. Our versatile machines are efficient to spread concrete in limited and straitened territory of your building.

concrete floor pour

The very master and accomplished architects utilize the most recent engineering to upgrade the work and execute the work amazingly. Concrete Floor Pour procedure is varying from others on the grounds that we straightforwardly spill solid in segment that provides for you more control over the quality and stability of the floor.


Maple’s Management groups are committed to enhance the work execution of workers that they can give the best comes about. Our building’s framework and method strategy can ultimately save time and cash. We consistently allow our experts to prepare and continually improve the execution.


Security is additionally a prime variable so remembering this component we execute our administrations and make a solid connection with our clients and superintendents. So what are you holding up for?


Pour Concrete:

Installing concrete is a challenging task and each concrete placement is different. The size, shape, color, finish and depth of a residential project have to be considered when pouring concrete.



Concrete forms are made of wood, metal or plastic, and can range in height from 4 inches to many feet.

concrete floor pour

Wood forms will be used for most residential concrete projects, held in place with metal or wood stakes. The forms are attached to the stakes with screws or special nails to allow for easy removal of the forms after the concrete has cured.

The form should be in good condition, ready to provide suitable slope or grade for drainage, and the form of clean corners where they meet each other or other structures. Special forms and or forming methods are employed for stairs and walls.



The contractor has ordered a concrete mix which meets the requirements of the slab being placed. At any place you should not have minimum cement content for any residential concrete 470 lb.

concrete floor pour

If you live in the freezing melting climate, then at least 4% of the air entraining admixture should be used to help prevent scaling and spilling. Small stone can be used as a total in concrete if it is going to be stamped, versus regular ¾ inch stone broom or smooth finish concrete slab.

The concrete will arrive in a ready mix concrete truck. The ready mix truck may be able to pull up to the site and pour right into the forms. . If the site is on the other side of the house or building, the ready mix truck may pour into wheel barrows or a concrete pump to get the wet concrete to the site.

The Contractor and crew will pour wet concrete into the forms until they are full to the top edge. While wet concrete is being poured, contractors are using shovels, rakes and “come together” to move the concrete to make sure there are no voids or air pockets. .

Early Finishing

Let the concrete “set up” or “dry” enough so you can press your fingers into the surface about a 1/4 or 3/8 inch. The time will vary depending on how hot the temperature is that day.

concrete floor pour

Use your hand float and hand trowel to smooth the surface. If it is an inside slab a smooth surface is probably what you’re looking for.

Run your hand trowel over the surface 3 or 4 times giving the concrete a little time in between passes.

If you desire a broom finish for an outside slab then drag the broom across the surface after you hand float it. This will give you a good non-slip surface for a walkway or patio.

Concrete will set really fast out in the direct sun on a hot day. Make sure you have enough help to handle the job.

If the slab is too big to finish by hand a power trowel can be used. I would not suggest renting one of these, they aren’t as easy to use as they look.

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